MK8 Fiesta ST Sport button retrofit



We’re proud to announce that we are now offering the MK8 Fiesta ST, sport mode button retrofit. We are the only UK based company to currently offer this service


Price includes genuine ford steering wheel buttons, replacement lower panel buttons (this replaces the existing sport buttons for a more basic and cleaner look), fitting and the coding, all to be carried out at our workshop.

The conversion consists of a new steering wheel button, so that drive modes can be swapped at the convenience of your hands without having to reach towards the centre console. We also swap out the stock drive mode button for a lower spec version, so the clean OEM+ look is gained.

Please note this is not yet available on all models, please contact our friendly messaging service along with your VIN and registration and we will be able to confirm compatibility. We also ask you contact us prior to booking to discuss dates for the booking



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Vehicle Compatibility

Manufacturer Model Engine/Type
Manufacturer Model Engine/Type
Ford Fiesta MK8 (2018+) 1.5 EcoBoost ST