Scorpion De-Cat downpipe- Fiesta MK8 ST

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Scorpion Exhausts De-Cat Downpipe for the Ford Fiesta ST MK8.

The Scorpion Exhausts Decat Downpipe replaces the catalyst on the stock Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 to provide your vehicle with the ultimate flow rate. The flow rates comes with the decat replacing the most restricting part of the exhaust.

The high quality construction of the Scorpion Exhausts Decat Downpipe can be appreciated with a simple feel of this Scorpion Exhausts system. Translating into tangible gains in both performance and reliability, each Scorpion Exhausts system is manufactured here in the UK and has become a very popular exhaust brand among both tuning and racing enthusiasts.

Please note our custom tuning will be required with fitment of this downpipe

Key Features:

– Increased airflow results in more HP produced.

– Louder, sportier sounding exhaust compared to stock pipe.

– 3″ pipe diameter.

– Lightweight metal. Stock: 3.6kg. Sports Cat: 2.5KG

– Straight fit. Replaces OEM Pipe.

  • Fitment Years: 2018 – 2022
  • Model: Fiesta ST MK8 18-22 / Puma ST MK2 20-22
  • Fits To: OEM / Scorpion
  • Pipe Diameter: 76mm/3″

The de-cat exhaust version is sold for motorsport and off road use only worldwide.

The sport catalyst version replaces factory emissions device and is not EC homologated. This may not meet current emission laws for road use in your territory.

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Manufacturer Model Engine/Type
Manufacturer Model Engine/Type
Ford Fiesta MK8 (2018+) 1.5 EcoBoost ST